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vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Lolita as your daily wardrobe

When I take a look at the past two years I can really say that my daily style has changed over time. Never thought I would be a "daily lolita" or at least wearing lolita/otome coords more than once a week or even a month. It used to be only for meeting purposes but over time I started to feel a little empty on the inside, I wanted to wear what made me happy and not so much for functionality.

About two years ago I started to wear more and more dresses on a daily basis, though when I needed to go to work by bike I would wear some jeans which felt so uncomfortable. The button sticking in my belly, the fabric that didn't felt nice and soft. It was more out of functionality that I was wearing those because it was easy to get dressed into my uniform at work. 

When changing your wardrobe a little at a time you get used to dressing a bit differently, it does take some effort and courage to do. Especially when you are that type of person that never wears a dress except for meetings but over time you will get the hang of it. 

These days I'm adding more and more classical pieces to my wardrobe which need to fit into my list of requirements. 
  • Simple cut
  • No in-your-face print
  • Minimal lacing/frills, no lacing is better
  • Comfy fitting
The list is not super long but this makes it a lot easier to find the right dress which you can wear on a daily basis. Not all my daily wear dresses fit these three boxes but sometimes you just have to make it work. 

Most of the dresses that I own have a print on them and can be considered as an in-your-face-print. Though it is pretty easy to tone these dresses down. I've made a small collection for you to show he difference what my daily wear vs my convention wear looks like and my overal daily wear which has still some hints of lolita fashion in it. 

The first one is Wrapping Heart from Angelic Pretty, it is a dress that you don't want to wear on a hot summer day because of the fabric but it is really suitable for a colder spring day. Because of the huge amount of frills on top I always try to make the rest of my coord as simple as possible for daily wear.
Left: Casual, shopping day // Right: Convention

Milky Planet from Angelic Pretty is one of my go to dresses when it comes to daily wear, first reason is cause I love the print to death but it is so comfy and perfect to wear without a petticoat. Yes you hear it correctly I do wear some of my dresses on a daily basis without petticoat! Most of the AP dresses have a little petticoat build in already so you still have a little poof with you.
Left: Casual for traveling by car // Right: Japanse fair

Innocent World has the best casual dresses in my size, I do have a weak spot for Jane Marple, Victorian Maiden but sadly enough they don't make that many dresses in bigger sizes. But both of them are also great for an every day wardrobe, but it is a total different style. Enough talk about anything else than the next dress I want to show you. It is the Forest Animals Torchon Lace dress from Innocent World.

This dress has a bigger in-your-face factor going on, as well as a lot of lacing in the front but because of it's comfyness I get a lot of wear out of this one. I don't have a convention coord for this dress sadly enough though I don't think this will make it to my event/convention options I think because of it's casual-ness feeling to me.
Left: Casual, day out // Right: Casual for traveling by plane

Up next are some of my daily go to outfits for when I don't feel like wearing a lolita dress even though there is one in there. These coords are mostly for the days that I go to work, simple to wear, easy to change and no fuzz. All the clothes are from Primark, H&M, C&A and Angelic Pretty, just because I can, why not it's Milky Planet!

Last I want to show you my coord of today, I went on a small bike trip to the pharmacy. Yep, I do wear my lolita clothes for bike trips as well, even bigger trips for about two or three hours. Today I felt a bit out of place with all the cars next to me. Mostly because I felt so lady like with my basket on my bike, it really felt like I was in the middle of the year 1900 or so. I'm bad with history so correct me if I was in a different time..
Dress is from Sweet Mildred and perfect for daily wear as well.

As you can see, wearing lolita inspired clothes is something that comes over time and it is something that will grow on to you, the more you experiment with it the easier it will get. 
When I wear lolita both on a daily base or to conventions and meetings I always do my own thing. I'm not aiming to fit in a box yet I'm still a lolita in my eyes. My coords aren't posted every single day cause on some days I wear my PJ's too. 

I feel that you need to wear what fits you as a person for that day, do you feel like breaking all the rules and add colors to your coord that doesn't come in your dress but it still looks amazing? Go for it! It's not that the police will stop at your front door to say that you are breaking the lolita laws. If you like what you wear, you wear it with pride and a big smile on your face! Those ones are the best outfits to wear..

This post is a part of The Lolita Blog Carnival or The LBC for short, check out the other post from my fellow bloggers.

What are your choices for daily wear? Please let me know in the comments below I would love to read them. 
See you next time! 

Love Poppy xx

vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Urban Fairytale, did you say shopping?

With Urban Fairytale around the cornor I though it would be nice to prepare ourselfs for some serieus shopping. At this very moment I'm sitting in my hotel room waiting with slow internet connection so I'm going to use the official photo's of the event to sell about the vendors.

There are a lot of vendors that make me really excited! Which doesn't happen that often esspecially after Under The sea where we got the news that Moon Bunny wasn't comming. It'sf not that I'm not excited to see all the pretty things but more in the way of I'm need a lot of money this time to buy everything that I love.

My style is evolving a bit, going from only sweet lolita to classic lolita as well. Though this also means that I need to spend some cash on expanding my current wardrobe.
I think my style is going in a good direction I'm adding pieces to my wardobe that are usable for everyday and also suitable for meetings.

But lets get into the huge list of brands that are coming to the event and get this party started!

Japanese & Asian brands

In this small collection I'm mostly looking forward to Innocent World and Soufflesong. To be honest I did forget about Soufflesong and Long Ears and Sharp Ears a bit but now that I'm working on this post I did know why I was really happy to see that esspecialy Souflesong was attending the event as a remote vendor. A couple of months ago I saw on their website some gorgeous handbags in a dark red and I wanted to buy it before the event started so I could have the bag at the event. Though when I was ready to buy it the site went down for maintenance, why?? 

My main goal this event was being able to buy at least one Innocent World dress but not just any dress that I can find. Since I've been to the J-store here in Berlin and I fell in love with the Planisphere JSK in black but I did not bought it yet because it isn't the style of dress that I was looking for in the first place. I wanted a plain non printed dress or one with a subtile flower print on it and not one with a gorgeous print. But maybe after the event I might go back if I have some money left to buy it than. 

Indie brands

In this collection of brands was Elegant Feather and Fluffy Tori a big hit for me. Let us start with Fluffy Tori, when I saw that they where coming to the event I looked up their brand and saw that they hand something very unique a sportsbra with a lolita print on it. It fel in love right away so after some thinking I ordered one and I'm going to pick it up at their booth this weekend together with some printed tights. I've seen the dresses on pictures before but as far that I can see they still need to work on their designs and quality a bit. Though I can be completely wrong too! We will see what it looks like this weekend. But I'm already super excited with my purchase! 

The other brand is Elegant Feather, this one is also new to me but looking through their facebook page gives me a good idea that this is something that I love. Their jewelry designs are very classical and the perfect add to your classic coord. Not sure if I will end up buying one of these gorgeous items but I will definitely take a look at their booth. 

While the other brands are very cool as well I'm personaly not really interested in something specific from their shops. Though you'll never know what they will bring to an event so never say never. 

Sooo where to start with this collage, so many amazing brands that have caught my eye! Starting with Sweet Mildred, this brand has some elegant headbows and a gorgeous dress for sale at their webshop. The dress that they have is the Gourmet Coffee JSK which I saw in real life when I met my dear friend Ashlyn here in Berlin last week. That dress is just stunning! So I'm secretly hoping to get my hands on it, so if you see it hanging at the booth before me. Don't buy it hihi, just kidding. 

On the other hand we also Vanillas Traumfabrik which makes the most gorgeous rosettes! They are just magical and I really want to add one to my collection as well. Let us hope that she brought lots of things with her! Going on in the clasical vibe there is Mighty Kingdom as well, this brand is rather new to me as well but I saw their dresses in the fashion show at Under the Sea. And I must say the green dress in the fashion show caught my eye so I'm looking forward to their fashion show on sunday. 

For my sweet tooth I'm going to visit the Melty Wish booth and drool over the pastel cuteness. Since I'm wearing pastel clothes almost everyday I really could use some more pastel things in my life. You might think, don't you have enough in your closet with all the sweet clothes and stuff? 
Well euhm... maybe... But.. How can someone ever have enough pastel things in their life hihi. 
The shop Melty Wish is run by my friend Liz who is super adorable herself and I'm ready to spend some cash at her stall!
Today she posted a little video about the new sailor moon jewelry that she is going to bring and guess what I was just looking for some. What a coincidence right.. 

I'm prepared for a blood bath at the Promise of Nostalgica booth and really praying that their isn't going to be a sign "SOLD OUT!" when the GA entrance starts. This little brand is one of a kind if you ask me, this shop is also by a friend of mine and she makes the most amzing hats I've ever seen. I know I say this a lot of times but for these hats they are just out of the world! 
For most of my lolita coords I'm not wearing any hats or something that looks like that but when I see these I have the instant need to buy a hat from her. So this time I really hope that there is one left in a colour that I like as well. She posted a picture of the hats that she is going to bring and so far that I know most of them are already claimed by lots of fans! Good luck girls!! 

And last in line is my favorite juwelry brand for sweet items Moon Bunny, whoohoo. Super happy that they will be here this weekend, esspecialy after the sad news for the Under the Sea event. This time I will be able to add more things of them to my collection, I really love their designs and I wear them with my everyday clothes as well. I don't think that this booth will be super populair since their aren't many sweet sweet lolita girls here in Germany. But you'll never know. 

There are also a lot of remote vendors but I don't have the time to write about those as well. Maybe I can make a small post about those this evening. But in about an hour I'm meeting up with Lui so eat some ice cream... it's time to leave my laptop behind and get ready!

See you tomorrow, xxx

Lots of love Poppy 

dinsdag 5 juli 2016

Antwerp, a golden treasure

Antwerp is one of those places that I loved to visit as a child. We went to Antwerp every year for the Christmas show of a Belgian Duo named Samson & Gert and afterwards a visit to the Zoo which is located just around the corner of the central station. 
Just like every trip to Antwerp it starts with a little train ride, this time it went a bit differently than all the other times since we needed to take a different train at a station before our destination due to some rail works that where happening that weekend. 

Luckily we found the second train just in time but man this one was packed! So many people where going to Antwerp that day. I'm always so surprised to see how well loved this Belgian city is. But it's truly a magical place if you ask me. 

While having some childhood memories on the train it was funny to see how people react on "special looking people" I was wearing a pastel coord that day. I even got several questions from a stranger in the station of Antwerp if there was a cosplay or anime convention that day. But I didn't know anything about it so after I made that clear he asked me if I wear these clothes on a daily basis and my answer was YES! I do. You should have seen his face it was priceless. 

Even in a big city like Antwerp there are always people that give you stranges looks or laugh at you behind your back. But almost no one will shout at you, this is so remarkable for the Belgian culture I think.

My plan for this day trip was to do some shopping at the Uniqlo and make some photo's of the city. It was one of the first times I actualy took some time to make travel photo's. I love to see those kind of photo's so I thought why not make them myself of places that I visit. 

Most of the stores in Antwerp have an impressive upper building, so you are wowing with your eyes pointed to the sky. So much historical buildings in one place with lots of gold details and balcony's. 

One of the hidden gems in Antwerp is the Stadsfeestzaal, it's a building from the 1900's with golden details everywhere. A marble stair and lots of shops as well. One of my favorite shops in this building is Urban Outfitters, they have those quirky gadgets and books that I love to see.

Like in most towns I often visit I have a list in my head of the shops that I need to see that day. They are always the same shops though so I know my way to them with my eyes closed. It always feel that if I haven't visited these shops my day isn't complete or something like that.

My top shops in Antwerp

  • Urban Outfitters - Gadgets, Books, Polaroid camera's
  • De Standaard Bookshop - Books
  • Dille & Kamille - Nature and kitchen products
  • Games Workshop - Figures and WIP stations
  • Uniqlo - Basic clothing
  • Pull & Bear - Cosy clothing 

I love visting city's in my free time and I hope I will improve on my photography skills as well. Do you like these kinds of travel posts? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I'm planning on doing more of them in the future so I can practice a bit more. But your feedback is more than welcome or requests for what you want to see in these posts. 

outfit rundown
JSK: Angelic Pretty - Candy Sprinkle
Socks: Angelic Pretty - Wrapping Heart
Accessories: Angelic Pretty / Chocomint
Vest: KOKOkim - Miku Miku Speaker
Shoes: Offbrand

woensdag 15 juni 2016

Urban Fairytale, guest line up

Hello my fellow readers,

it's been way to long since my last blogpost but I'm happy to say that I will be posting some new blogposts at least once a month. My plan is to make a blogpost every week but I know how bad I am with keeping up with everything so lets start with once a month, just to be safe.

Today I want to talk a bit about the next event that I will be attending which is Urban Fairytale in Berlin. This event is organized by Ribbon City, the local community of Berlin and Court of Fables which is the overal global community from Germany. Urban Fairytale is their first big event and they have some great names on their guest list. The main guest is Baby, the stars shine Bright with their three representatives. More about them below.

I've met most of them already at other events but it's always great to meet them again. Especially when they are doing a new fashion show at the event as well. I am really looking forward to this, a lot of my friends are walking in the fashion show so I need to cheer for them.

Besides Baby, the stars shine Bright we also get to meet Sana. He is a musician. To be honest I've never heard of him before the announcement. But I'm still looking forward to meet him, maybe I need to start looking up some of his music.

Baby, the stars shine Bright

Masumi Kano
Picture by Philippe Gressien

Masumi Kano is the designer of Baby, the stars shine Bright. 
She studied design and pattern making in university and came to the company after receiving het diploma. 
One year after she joined, she was already the foremost designer for the company. 
Her foremost responsibillity in Baby's elegant world, is to design dresses that are elegant and doll-like, but not overly sweet.

Masumi Kano has also been active with promoting the brand overseas at conventions and in fashion shows. Including Japan Expo in Paris and many events in the US, Canada, China and Sweden.

I had the chance to meet Masumi Kano before at the La vie en Rose event in Paris last year. Though I didn't got a picture with her I am really looking forward to see her again in Berlin this year and ask for a photo. Not because I want to meet her so desperately or because I'm a big fan of her in general but I still like the fact that she is coming to Berlin. I do hope that she will smile a bit, since every time I see pictures of her she looks so bored. 
Picture by Houston Jfashion

Rin-Chan is the store manager of the flagship store in Harajuku. Besides being a store manager she is also a well seen model for the annual tea parties from the very beginning. Rin-Chan has her own clothing line which is very populair. Some of her well known designs are the Rubbit Watch series, Black Cat series, Tinker Bell series, Dreaming Kitten series and the Gretel series. 

Rin-Chan isn't only a model in Japan but she has also walked in some fashion shows in the US, China and Canada. Besides being a model, store manager she had also the tittle of Model Staff Representative on her name for Baby, the stars shine Bright. 

Now she is someone I'm looking forward to, still I haven't heard of here before this event though. Just like SANA, but after doing some research I really fell in love with her designs for BTSSB. Especially the Tinker Bell series it's so light and airy. Maybe I can add this dress to my wardrobe some day.

Akinari Isobe
Picture by Philippe Gressien

Akinari Isobe is the CEO of Baby, the stars shine Bright.

Photo by SANA Official

Sana started his career as the guitarist of the Japanese Visual Kei band MASK, gothic rock band Kain and as a support guitarist for many other Japanse artists. Since then, he has also made some name for himself with a successful solo career. In the last few years he has been touring around Europe both as a support guitarist and with his solo tour.

This year's solo tour "Where is my Honey" is also going to stop in Berlin, where he is going to attend the event with us. Besides being a musician he is also a a well known face on the Japanese runways where he has modeled for Black Peace Now, Atelier Boz and HELLCATPUNKS.

I have never heard of SANA before and after doing some research about him I didn't found any music files of his current solo tour. Maybe I am not that good with looking up music in general but still. At the Osharecon convention in 2015 was ADAM a special guest and they played a small set, but sadly enough most of the people didn't know who they where or enjoyed the performance at all. I do think this is going to be the same, not everyone that is coming to a lolita event is interested in the same music. Let alone love the same artist. There aren't any clear details besides on his official Fb page that he is going to stop in Berlin on the 23th  with his tour. Though on the event page we only got the announcement about the fact that he will be modeling in the fashion show for Alice and the Pirates.

I'm not a big fan of their music so far but I am still looking forward to meet him and seeing him in the fashion show. Especially since he will be wearing male clothes! More shopping opportunities for my husband, hell yeah.

If you are interested in coming to this event as well you can still buy your tickets till the 23th of June!
Get your Tickets HERE!

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vrijdag 22 januari 2016

Creating a Dream Coord

We all have that one dress that we love so much and call it our dream dress. I have one as well, actually I have more than one but I'm only going to talk about the Wrapping Heart JSK from Angelic Pretty today. I wanted to create a dream coord with this dress since it's been hanging in my closet for way to long being unused because I don't have the right items for it. At least that's what I think.

For the lolita blog carnival of this week we where challenged to make a dream coord. So therefore I used one of my dream dresses that I own and challenged myself as well a bit. I went for a pink and purple theme since I own some of these colors I thought it would be a nice touch to the dress.

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