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zaterdag 3 september 2016

Desserts a la carte ⎜Berlin Travels

Our last day together with Vanilla Bear was there but what are we going to do? It is Sunday and all shops are closed, yesterday we made some plans for a lunch date but that was it. There where no real plans afterwards. 

We wanted to go to a coffee bar at first but this place was closed as well, luckily I had a very special place on my list of shops that I wanted to visit on my stay in Berlin. It was OhLala, an all vegan dessert shop! Besides the desserts they also had some normal savory dishes on the menu and those where vegan as well. 

This was one of the reasons why I wanted to visit Berlin so badly, there are so many vegan restaurants in this city. It's unbelievable how much there is! We went to OhLala and waited for Vanilla Bear to arrive so we could order our foods. I went for a crepe with homemade nutella and vegan whipped cream, a "Haute Couture" dessert which was heavenly and a soy latte. 

As a vegan you don't get to eat desserts like this very often, it was rich, creamy and airy at the same time. With the right amount of sweetness and sour touch from the glacing. Best dessert I ever had in my life!  It was funny to see that both me and Vanilla Bear where filming our food so we had some footage for our youtube video. I bet that the customers in the store thought we where pretty weird when we are filming hihi. 

After our dessert it was time for some sightseeing, since there wasn't much going on in Berlin on a Sunday we found a hidden gem. It is the flea market at Mauer park, I didn't know where to look first. People where singing or playing the guitar, some where having a bbq or a picknick and this was all before we entered the flea market. The atmosphere felt a bit like a hipster festival with lots of young adults. 

The flea market itself was impressive as well, this was inside a wooden fence for most of the part. We entered the market through the main entrance which was decorated like a summer camp. You know those typical summer camp signs with wooden poles and a banner on top? This market had the same entrance, I found this so cool! Besides lolita fashion I really like hippy/hipster like fashion although I don't wear it I can definitely appreciate it, especially their view on life is quit interesting. It is really laid back and with respect for all living things. But enough of this lets move on with the market itself. 

When you enter the market you get overwhelmed by all the stalls, this is one huge market. Featuring small independent artists and creators as well as some antiques sellers with items going from clothes to diner tables and beds. I found some really awesome accessories but I didn't bought anything since I was doubting if I was able to use it. I did bought some cute socks and almost bought some loli-able collars those that you can wear on top of a t-shirt to have a peter pan collar. But the price was pretty high for the quality, so I passed on those ones. 

Sadly enough I didn't made any photo's at this market which is a shame, since there was so much to see and to eat as well. They even had a whole section for typical german foods and at the other end of the market there where more food trucks, even one with some vegan dishes. We spend most of the afternoon strolling around this markt, looking at all the artists with their awesome clothing, bag and jewelry designs. 

But it was time to grab some dinner and head back to our hotel. We went back to the pizza/pasta place where we went on the first day, though this time I went for a pizza. One without cheese please so it's vegan! I'm a bit bummed that I don't have the name of this restaurant anymore cause I highly recommend it, the price is super cheap and the dishes are amazing! 

After dinner we headed back to the airbnb of Vanilla Bear so she could grab some items that wouldn't fit into her suitcase. She asked me if I wanted to send it to her in America when I was in Belgium since this would be the cheapest option. So all packed with her stuff it was time to say goodbye! 
Our time together was amazing, it was like we where close friends way before we actually met on the first day. It is sad that I wont see her again till I go to America or when she comes to Belgium or closer to Europe. But I do have the memories of the three days with her which is also very special to me. 

Being a part of lolita fashion gives you the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. Though I think for the Europe community it is a lot easier to make friends overseas since it is easier to travel between the countries without any troubles. Do you have any friends overseas? Please let me know I would love to hear your stories as well.
See you next time, 
Love Poppy xx

vrijdag 2 september 2016

Fall survival kit - Lolita Style

I think I can officially say that summer has come, temperatures keep on rising and the sun is out almost every day since about two weeks. But with fall around the corner I thought it would be smart to work with one dress to create four different fall approved coords. 

Fall in Belgium can be super tricky, some days are like summer while other are rainy and cold. To be prepared for every situation I came up with these 4 coords. 
In this series I asked on Facebook which style you wanted to see and the majority voted for sweet lolita. Not the easiest one to come up with fall coords especially because of the fact that I tend to wear darker dresses and autumn colors in fall. So I needed to bring all my skills out to make a sunny fall coord that would be suitable for the season. 

When it comes to fall there are some points that you need to keep in mind before you start wearing your favorite coord outside.
  • Does the print run out when it gets wet?
    • This information can be found on the washing lable or if it's an older dress you can find the info also on Livejournal (last update 2015 in comments)
  • What am I going to do? 
    • Being inside all day need a different type of coord than one where you are going to be outside most of the day.
  • Is it a sunny or a rainy day?
    • This part is important for the shoes, you don't want to wear open or lower shoes when it rains. I had many mud stains in the past on my socks because of this, luckily they came all out but still better safe than sorry.
With this information all set you can plan out your outfit for the day. I went with a halter JSK from Angelic Pretty named Milky Planet. This print is water proof since it can be washed in the washing machine, therefore I don't need to worry about any bleeding. My plans for the day can be found under each photo as well the weather type. 

Let's check it out!

  • Plans: Shopping - Going out with friends in the city
  • Weather type: Chill fall day - no rain
  • Key points: Long sleeved blouse, Jacket, tights
    • Pairing a long sleeved blouse and a jacket gives you enough warmth for a chill autumn day. When you are shopping or on a day out you don't know how the weather will change so having the jacket as an extra layer gives you some room to play with the coord.
    • Tights are a must have in fall if you ask me, though I love to wear them all year round but especially in fall and winter it is nice to have your full legs covered. 

  • Plans: Lunch date - High tea
  • Weather type: Rainy 
  • Key points: Short sleeved blouse, cardigan, boots, tights
    • A short sleeved blouse is perfect for being indoors most of the time as well as a cardigan. Which can be taken off when it's getting to hot. 
    • Boots will keep your feet dry and warm, also they protect your precious socks from any mud splashes
    • Tights on a rainy day go hand in hand, it's warm and easy to wear. Also I don't like to wear socks with boots, this can look a bit weird to me.
  • Extra focus point: 
    • I add a long coat as well to keep me warm outside and protect me from the rain. Also an umbrella is necessary on rainy days. 
    • Keep your hairstyle simple and natural, the rain can do strange things to your hair or wear a wig to be sure of a rain proof hairstyle.

  • Plans: Casual meeting in the city, walk in the park
  • Weather type: Morning rain - afternoon sun
  • Key points: Long sleeved blouse, ankle boots
    • Both the ankle boots and the long sleeved blouse go perfect for a day when rain an sunshine are combined. Pair it up with a coat for outside and you are covered for the day.  

  • Plans: Shopping
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Key Points: Sneakers, OTK, cut sew
    • Sneakers are mostly a no go with lolita but sometimes you need to break the rules to be comfortable. These pastel sneakers go hand in hand with sweet lolita and other pastel fashion styles, you can find many different pastel kawaii sneakers on storenvy if you look for it. 
    • OTK socks are great for when the sun is out they are warm enough and give that extra touch to a coord. I wouldn't wear OTK socks on rainy days mostly cause of the colder temperatures that comes with it. 
    • Cut sews are the most comfortable options out there for blouses, they are still super cute and go well with a dress. These type of blouses are made of stretchy cotton which make them a bit warmer than a standard blouse and also a lot more comfortable since it will stretch out when you move so no limitations when you want to reach to that handbag on top of a shelf in the stores. 

Good luck with your coord planning this fall, do you have any tips that you want to share? 
Let me know in the comments below. 

This post is a part of The Lolita Blog Carnival or The LBC for short, check out the other posts from my fellow bloggers.

donderdag 1 september 2016

Royal Princesses ⎜Berlin Travels

On the second day there where more awesome things on the program. After breakfast it was time to get ready since we would be meeting up with Vanilla Bear again for a visit to the Charlottenburg Castle.  We decided to meet up at the station close to my hotel, it sounded all so perfect. We would meet at 12 in front of the S Bahn. And there we where, standing in the shade while I was checking my phone.. I got a text from her that we was arriving but when I looked at all the people that came off the train there was no Vanilla Bear. How was this possible?

After a lot of chatting online we found each other, did you know there are two stations with the name Charlottenburg? Well I didn't, alright maybe it is one huge station but still she was like on the other side of the park! I still can't believe it how this could happen.
But thankfully we where able to hop on the bus that would bring us to the palace.

Both of us dressed up in lolita going to a palace just like Royal Princesses, only the carriages with the horses where missing. But with some imagination a bus can do the trick, everything is better than walking right? We bought our tickets in the souvenir shop as well as the photo permission to make photo's of the interior. Which made me really happy cause that would mean I had something to film for my vlog and blogpost of today. But sadly enough we can't publish any of it since it is only for private use, so you can find the pictures of the palace on my facebook profile.

The inside of the palace was amazing, lots of golden details and stunning rooms! I have seen many palaces in the last few years and I must say that this one was one to remember esspecially the first green room omg it was gorgeous. So many details and paintings on the ceilings just breathtaking.
We had an audio tour inside the palace telling us lots of interesting things and I highly recommend this to any tourist that is visiting Berlin.


After our tour inside the palace we headed back outside to walk around in the gardens, since we bought a ticket for the main palace we where allowed inside some buildings that where in the garden as well. One of them that we visited was a tomb, this one was also nice to see but not as special as the main palace. We walked a bit in the garden and took some pictures together before we headed to the city centre for some food.

In front of the palace there was a food festival with lots of foods from over the world, there was even a BBQ Corn stand! I love corn on the cob, it is sweet and juicy and ... aaah I'm getting hungry again.
Vanilla Bear spotted some BBQ stands that made her think of home, she wanted to have a real American BBQ when she was back home. Since we didn't had any cash with us we couldn't buy anything at the fair so we went to a vegan restaurant that I wanted to visit.

The restaurant is named Soy, it serves Vietnamese dishes which is my kind of food. I'm not the person that likes the typical european kitchen of potatoes, vegetables, meat and gravy. Even if the dish is vegan I'm not a huge fan of it. But give me something from Asia and I'm all in for it!
It was really hard to choose something from the menu because we had so much choice. As a vegan you have mostly one or two options in a normal restaurant but when you are in a vegan one the choices are endless and you want to try everything that is on there.

While we where waiting on our order I started to look around a bit more, the atmosphere in this restaurant was so unique. It is laid back and has a zen feeling to it. Something I would love in my own house as well, even the music was adding to the atmosphere. It was so relaxing just sitting there and staring in the distance.

The dishes where amazing, I ordered a noodle dish and rice paper rolls filled with fresh veggies while Alexander ordered a noodle salat which was super delicious as well. I wish I could take this restaurant with me back to Belgium, it was that good. Vanilla Bear ordered a dessert afterwards and I tried a bit of it, this was like heaven. This was the first time I tried this dessert, it was sticky rice with mango and coconut milk/sauce on top of it. Do you know what this is called? If you know please let me know so I can look up a recipe for it cause it's so good!

When we where about to leave back to our hotel at 7 in the evening I ordered some drinks on the go at Soy. They had this as an option so we could have a drink along the way. Vanilla Bear noticed that I wasn't the quickest when it comes to eating and drinking so when we had about a 3 minute walk to the station I needed to drink my drink very quickly. Since we aren't allowed to bring our drinks onto the tube, it was such a hard job! But a good one cause it was delicious!

It was time to say goodbye and our paths would separate at the Alexanderplatz Station. This day was filled with lots of wow's and ooh's, funny moments and delicious foods. I had one day left with Vanilla Bear before she would leave back to America. Tomorrow would be a chill day, stores are closed and there is nothing to do besides some musea. But we found an amazing place which I could visit every week. Find out what it was in my next post!

Lots of love,
Poppy x

dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

The start of a new adventure ⎜Berlin Travels

Every time I go on vacation I have the same problems, packing clothes seems impossible, time management doesn't seem to be working and the biggest problem is that I'm to excited for the flight. Which end up in not sleeping the night before I leave. This seems to becoming my ritual, not the best one out there but it gives some sort of comfort as well.

Like many of you already know I went to Berlin in Juli for the first big event of Ribbon City which is the Berlin Lolita community. Planning for events is something that I love to do, booking the hotels, finding the travel options and mostly coord planning.
Though this trip was going to be a little bit different than our normal event trip.

I think it was around december 2015 when I spoke with my dear friend Vanilla Bear about her summer school program in Berlin. At first we talked about exploring Germany together or that she would come to Belgium to meet up which would be so cool. But since I wanted to go to the Urban Fairytale event I thought that I could come a bit earlier so we could finally meet. And that's what we did, she extended her trip with one week while I came one week earlier.

Over time we discussed about the things we wanted to do and see together, it is nice to have some sort of plan when you are going on a city trip. Even though I'm not the best at planning things in general I had my list of things that I wanted to do.
In preparation for our vacation I started to look up all the information I needed, like adresses and routes to get there. Every thing would be in my handy dandy folder which was super convenient.

I mentioned before that the night before is mostly a short one, not because we always leave in the middle of the night to catch our flight at 7 in the morning. But because I get excited about everything, this time I was getting really nervous as well. Since when I set a foot onto the plane that would mean I was going to meet my dear friend for real!

We left at 3:30 in the night to be on time in the airport, that would have been plenty of time don't you think since we needed to board at 6:30am. Our ride towards the airport wasn't a smooth one, I got sick in the car and panicked when I thought that I didn't brought my pasport with me! As some of you may know I live in Belgium but we always take the plane from Amsterdam airport, since my parents in law are living in The Netherlands. Luckily I had my pasport with me and the sickness passed by as well, although we needed to make multiple stops along the way.

There is something about seeing the planes that makes me get butterflies inside, they are so big and awesome looking. Or maybe it is because of the fact that you can go to the other side of the world with it, see the fluffy clouds and all the cities below which look like a playmobile village from the top.

For this trip I only brought my essentials, but I was still able to fill up 1 giant suitcase, a carry on and a backpack. Why is it that I always have so much items with me on vacation? Do you have the same problem?

There was one thing that I didn't brought with me and that was my own camera, which I missed so much during this trip. But sadly enough it needed to go back to the factory for repairs, thank god my dad has a really good camera as well and I was able to borrow that one for this trip.

I was planning on doing a daily vlog series for my youtube channel but with such a big camera how is that going to go? As excited as I was I started with my vlog in the airport, talking to the camera and overcoming my shyness as well. It is not as easy as it looks..

Around 9 we arrived in Berlin, since I did all the bookings myself we needed to find out how we would get to the airport. I was sort of familiar with the public transport lines but still, walking around in an airport and not speaking much German I found the right busline that would bring us to the right street where our hotel would be.

It felt really weird to be on public transport to begin with, to be honest I'm not a fan of busses, metro lines or anything that combines lots of people, small spaces or crazy drivers on the street. But I was with my own little map that I got at the information point in the airport before we left to our hotel.
While we couldn't check in right away we left our bagage and headed towards the city centre, no idea of where to go we started walking. In case you are wondering who we are... I was together with my partner in crime, aka my husband.

At the Alexanderplatz station we would meet up with Vanilla Bear, it was finally time after talking to each other online for so long. Since I was a bit to early I headed over to Starbucks to order my favorite drink, a soy latte with caramel sirup. It was hard to sit still while you are getting so nervous about meeting a friend.

All sort of thoughts are going through my head.. Will she like me? What do I need to say to her? Do I want to film it? no that would be so akward... Luckily Alexander is so sweet and always tell me to relax and start a conversation with hello or hi. Best advice ever I swear!

And there she was... standing in front of the Starbucks cause I said we where waiting for her at that same shop. I started screaming her name and run towards her, the moment she looked up and saw me we started hugging each other. I feel a bit sad that I didn't got this on camera now that I'm thinking about it again since it was so sweet. We had an instant click, kept on hugging and where both super happy to see each other.

After a little chat at the station we decided to go to a fancy chocolate restaurant, this was the first time I went to a chocolate themed restaurant. All the items on the menu had chocolate in them, weird but amazing as well. I went for the only vegan option on the menu and ordered a fruit soup with chocolate ofcourse. They had one without any milk products in it, I was so happy. One of the waiters came to our table with a chocolate truffle to grind above our dish for extra flavour, isn't that cool?

At a certain point it started to get to an sort of akward silent moment, both of us where eating and at that point we both wanted to give each other a small gift from our home country. I was feeling so insecure about the gifts that I collected for her, she wanted to have some Belgian Chocolate and a special drink which made me travel all the way to Antwerp to get it but that doesn't matter. I also found a japanese sheep keychain in Dusseldorf for her when I was on the Japantag and I added a bracelet with matching earrings to her gift set. Maybe I went a bit overboard on the chocolate, luckily Alexander told me to stop buying anymore chocolate for her since I was already at 500 grams. They where all in different flavours so it was hard to pick just one right?

She had for me a jar of Maple Almond butter from Justin's this brand is so good! As well as some peanut butter cups with dark chocolate, she also had one with milk chocolate but I gave those to my niece cause of the milk that's in it. I must say that I was so happy with it and didn't opened any of it on my trip in Berlin. But on top of these things she had a water bottle, not just any water bottle, a glass water bottle from Starbucks with the skyline of San Fransisco on it. OMG this was not what I was expecting at all! I still can't believe that she did this all for me, since the water bottle was super hard to find. She is such a sweetheart! And it made me think that I want to try extra hard next time to find unique items for her too.

Since we where in a chocolate mood that day we visited two chocolate stores, the restaurant has a store as well with stunning chocolate sculptures which you can see in my vlog. One of them was a vulcano, with actual steam coming out, it would be a great science project if you ask me. Vanilla Bear wanted to have some amazing gifts to give to her boyfriend so we headed over to the second chocolate shop. You would think that a chocolate bar isn't that special but at the Ritter shop you can make your own chocolate bar. Or at least pick all the ingredients and toppings for it.

She went for a milk chocolate bar with double cherry flakes inside and the cutests golden stars as decoration on top. I wanted to make one as well but they didn't have the vegan option for sale at the counter. If I really wanted I could buy a bar that wasn't customized but that wouldn't be the same in my eyes. Even though I wasn't able to make my own bar it was so nice to see how they made them.
It felt like I was in Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory!

Our day ended at a pizza pasta place where we could eat a pizza or pasta for under 5 euro, it was about 3,5 euro if I remember correctly. With the help of Vanilla Bear we were able to get back to our hotel and get some sleep before we would meet again in the morning on the second day.
The first day was a long one cause the lack of sleep but I wouldn't change a thing about it. Well maybe the fact that I didn't make as much photo's as I would like but this is something that I want to take with me to my next trip.

Even though I didn't made many photo's I had some nice memories of our first day in Berlin, while the photo's where transferring to my hard disk I already started to think about our trip for the next day. We are going to visit the Charlottenburg Schloss, I was charging my batteries from the camera and was ready for a short night again. But it would be all worth it in the end, I'm sure about it! And besides, there is nothing that a bit of concealer can cover up..

Lots of love,
Poppy xx

vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Lolita as your daily wardrobe

When I take a look at the past two years I can really say that my daily style has changed over time. Never thought I would be a "daily lolita" or at least wearing lolita/otome coords more than once a week or even a month. It used to be only for meeting purposes but over time I started to feel a little empty on the inside, I wanted to wear what made me happy and not so much for functionality.

About two years ago I started to wear more and more dresses on a daily basis, though when I needed to go to work by bike I would wear some jeans which felt so uncomfortable. The button sticking in my belly, the fabric that didn't felt nice and soft. It was more out of functionality that I was wearing those because it was easy to get dressed into my uniform at work. 

When changing your wardrobe a little at a time you get used to dressing a bit differently, it does take some effort and courage to do. Especially when you are that type of person that never wears a dress except for meetings but over time you will get the hang of it. 

These days I'm adding more and more classical pieces to my wardrobe which need to fit into my list of requirements. 
  • Simple cut
  • No in-your-face print
  • Minimal lacing/frills, no lacing is better
  • Comfy fitting
The list is not super long but this makes it a lot easier to find the right dress which you can wear on a daily basis. Not all my daily wear dresses fit these three boxes but sometimes you just have to make it work. 

Most of the dresses that I own have a print on them and can be considered as an in-your-face-print. Though it is pretty easy to tone these dresses down. I've made a small collection for you to show he difference what my daily wear vs my convention wear looks like and my overal daily wear which has still some hints of lolita fashion in it. 

The first one is Wrapping Heart from Angelic Pretty, it is a dress that you don't want to wear on a hot summer day because of the fabric but it is really suitable for a colder spring day. Because of the huge amount of frills on top I always try to make the rest of my coord as simple as possible for daily wear.
Left: Casual, shopping day // Right: Convention

Milky Planet from Angelic Pretty is one of my go to dresses when it comes to daily wear, first reason is cause I love the print to death but it is so comfy and perfect to wear without a petticoat. Yes you hear it correctly I do wear some of my dresses on a daily basis without petticoat! Most of the AP dresses have a little petticoat build in already so you still have a little poof with you.
Left: Casual for traveling by car // Right: Japanse fair

Innocent World has the best casual dresses in my size, I do have a weak spot for Jane Marple, Victorian Maiden but sadly enough they don't make that many dresses in bigger sizes. But both of them are also great for an every day wardrobe, but it is a total different style. Enough talk about anything else than the next dress I want to show you. It is the Forest Animals Torchon Lace dress from Innocent World.

This dress has a bigger in-your-face factor going on, as well as a lot of lacing in the front but because of it's comfyness I get a lot of wear out of this one. I don't have a convention coord for this dress sadly enough though I don't think this will make it to my event/convention options I think because of it's casual-ness feeling to me.
Left: Casual, day out // Right: Casual for traveling by plane

Up next are some of my daily go to outfits for when I don't feel like wearing a lolita dress even though there is one in there. These coords are mostly for the days that I go to work, simple to wear, easy to change and no fuzz. All the clothes are from Primark, H&M, C&A and Angelic Pretty, just because I can, why not it's Milky Planet!

Last I want to show you my coord of today, I went on a small bike trip to the pharmacy. Yep, I do wear my lolita clothes for bike trips as well, even bigger trips for about two or three hours. Today I felt a bit out of place with all the cars next to me. Mostly because I felt so lady like with my basket on my bike, it really felt like I was in the middle of the year 1900 or so. I'm bad with history so correct me if I was in a different time..
Dress is from Sweet Mildred and perfect for daily wear as well.

As you can see, wearing lolita inspired clothes is something that comes over time and it is something that will grow on to you, the more you experiment with it the easier it will get. 
When I wear lolita both on a daily base or to conventions and meetings I always do my own thing. I'm not aiming to fit in a box yet I'm still a lolita in my eyes. My coords aren't posted every single day cause on some days I wear my PJ's too. 

I feel that you need to wear what fits you as a person for that day, do you feel like breaking all the rules and add colors to your coord that doesn't come in your dress but it still looks amazing? Go for it! It's not that the police will stop at your front door to say that you are breaking the lolita laws. If you like what you wear, you wear it with pride and a big smile on your face! Those ones are the best outfits to wear..

This post is a part of The Lolita Blog Carnival or The LBC for short, check out the other post from my fellow bloggers.

What are your choices for daily wear? Please let me know in the comments below I would love to read them. 
See you next time! 

Love Poppy xx

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