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vrijdag 30 december 2016

10 Things 1 life ⎜2016 Edition

Last year I made the same blog post so this is going to be my yearly round up of my life, this time from 2016. I think I can safely say that this was a very unstable life for me, nothing went like I planned and I even had to cancel some things because of my health.
But besides the downsides of 2016 there was also room for some amazing things. So lets take a look.

In May of 2016 SFE managed to create an amazing event again. It was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands which is only a two hour drive from my place. Though I tend to go to most bigger events you might ask why this one was so special compared to the others. Well let me tell you, the whole experience was super. I shared a hostel room with 5 other lovely people, we laughed from the moment we woke up till we went to bed. Talked for many hours about the event and things we like but also shared tips and tricks. I did the hairstyles of two of my dear friends and it was loved by the special guests. It was so nice to do other peoples hair for ones instead of my own hair every single time hihi. But besides the awesome experience of the hostel I also got picked by Kimura U as best dressed at the Tea Party. I still can't believe it even though it is almost a year ago, I felt so honoured!
This event created a special bond between me and my friends and I'm really grateful for that.

April of 2016 was the month where we went to Disneyland Paris with the whole family. It was the first time for my husband but the third time for me and it was exactly how I remembered it from 12 years ago if not longer.. Man, I'm getting old! But being there with the whole family sure is the best thing in the world. I had such a wonderful time. We are planning to make a second family trip in 2018 for the communion of my niece so I'm already looking forward to it. 

Besides traveling we also worked a bit inside our house in our free time. One of the bedrooms is going to be a lolita dressing/guest room. It is still a work in progress as I'm typing this post but I do think it will be finished in no time! Only one more cabinet that needs to be painted and then it is time for decorating! New filming background for 2017 and big room for my lolita closet check! 

In june I managed to graduate from school! I am now officially a Nursing assistant at an Elderly home in my town. Though I'm still going to school to get an official degree instead of a certificate but things are going real smoothly. If everything goes like planned I will be finished with great results in Februari 2017! I'm already looking forward to it.

This might be an ugly duck in the pond but I do wanted to include this part for my round up too. Since it effected my life in every way possible. On the 3th of march 2016 it was our 10th anniversary being a couple and instead of going to Ireland to celebrate it we had to celebrate our anniversary in a hospital room where I was recovering from an emergency operation. To be honest I'm still really sad that we needed to cancel just a couple of days before we would actually leave to Ireland but on the other side I don't know what I would do if things went wrong in Ireland. At the 1st of march I got diagnosed with a chronical illness. I went from doctor to doctor and I'm currently seeing a Professor for the second surgery.  At this moment I'm home from work till I got my second surgery in Februari because of the side effects of my medication and the illness. But besides the huge change in our life I managed to make a video about it as well to share my side of this story. This is not a happy moment but it is super important for me.

It wouldn't be me if it waren't for the dream dresses that I managed to find in the past 12 months. This years addition consists out of the Melty Cream Doughnut and the Träumerei of bright stars. They are both so gorgeous and I can't believe that they are in my closet. Besides adding these two beauties to my closet I also managed to complete my goals list of 2016 which consisted out of adding 1 coat, make a taobao order, add cut-sews and add an Innocent World dress. I'm so happy to say that I did all these things and much more. My style is growing from only sweet to a mix of sweet and classic with some darker dresses here and there too. Looking forward how this wil evolve in 2017.

2016 was definitely a year of traveling, not that we didn't travel much before but not that much traveling by plane. I mean two flight trips this year and a weekend in Amsterdam. That's insane! 2016 must have thought go big or go home. 
On my trip to Berlin I met up with my dearest friend from America Vanilla Bear. She extended her trip while I made our holiday a couple of days longer in order to meet each other. It sure was such a wonderful time, we spend 3 days together and I miss her a lot. As well al some of my other friends that I met around the world.
Berlin was such lovely experience, vegen foods everywhere, hearing German language everyday and seeing so many great people at the event which was at the end of our vacation.

Berlin and Urban Fairytale go hand in hand this year. Not only for a nice event but because I met some awesome people that weekend. Some of them have become really close friends and I'm so thankful for that. Though we live so far from each other it is like we where never apart when we see each other.
I also wanted to point out that I feel so welcome in different communities. Here in Belgium we don't have a community anymore cause we tend to hang out with our own crew instead of meeting each other on a regular basis. But I'm attending meetings in The Netherlands and Germany for quite some time now and I always feel so welcome when I'm there. It still feels weird to me not having a community that meets up every now and then but knowing that I have some amazing friends in different countries is just precious.

Last but not least is my trip to Olso, Norway to visit my best friend Kyra! We see each other every year either here in Belgium or in Norway but this year was special. I was able to celebrate my birthday with her! Even though I was super ill on the last two days it was a holiday to remember. We had delicious vegan meals thanks to the Vegan Vikings week, did some cultural things and it began to snow on the evening of my birthday dinner. Can this get any better? I didn't think so.

2016 was a year of ups and downs but it sure was a year to remember. 
See you in 2017 guys!! 

Lots of love, 
Poppy xx

vrijdag 23 december 2016

Lolita fashion in 2016

2016 is almost over so let us look back at the lolita fashion highlights of this year. This year was for most of the girls I know a though year, one where they felt either insecure whether the fashion is still for them in it's current state or they embraced the fashion in its full glorie.

I was somewhere in between and due to many different circumstances it felt like a complete different year which affected my style and opinion on the fashion as a whole. 
But let us take a look at what I think are the most recognisable fashion trends within the year 2016!

Major brands like Baby, AP and even Meta are embracing the animal prints and it seems like a big hit for many lolita lovers out there. Especially a cat motive was the way to go in 2016, bunnies and horses where also represented. Even smaller brands and Chinese brands hopped on the animal train with some lovely designs. 

Besides the animal hype there was also room for gorgeous cultural themed dresses. Think of the designs by Meta where they used China as an inspiration and Rusia too with the Babushka print which was really lovely in my opinion. Baby went also on a travel trip with their designs and used some inspiration from either European cultures or European places like The Wizarding Platform series which is based on the station of London and Harry Potter. 

There was also room for the religion parts every once in a while. And I must say Angelic Pretty was leading the party with sneaking in crosses in so many prints this year. While Baby kept it simple with thre cross releases as far that I know. 

In general we embraced the come back of Old School in a new way. The rectangle headdress is still a major no go but there was room for plain dresses with lace details and ruffles. Some of the brands went a bit crazy with the lace and ruffle to create multiple "wedding" dresses for insane prices. Though some people are more than happy to pay it. Those wedding dresses are on the edge of the famous lace monsters which refer to the older days and ita dresses of ebay. But these are from a whole different level if you ask me. 

Other than the old school comeback we where using less wigs in 2016, they aren't as populair anymore on a regular basis. Though they are still very common at events. But people tend to wear their own hairstyle more often with lolita in order to create a more casual look. Which brings us to our next trend of 2016, Otome Fashion. The line between otome and lolita is rather small and some even can't point a real difference between them other than the simplicity of otome. I will be making a post about otome fashion in the future to explain a bit more about this fashion. 

With the upcoming trend of otome comes also the fact that we love to spice things up with small details. Jewellery wise we kept it the same but there was a rise both in Lolita fashion as well as mainstream fashion. And that is the come back of enamel pins and specially in lolita fashion it's the novelty brooches. Think here about Peppermint Fox, which is a big name for brooch lovers as well as Mullberry Chronicles. Both of the brands are making dresses and brooches that are very loved by lolita girls but work really well in otome fashion too. 

This year was lacking in the sweet lolita department as people start to get older and getting lost of their love for the sweet prints. Or they are wearing the dresses in a toned down way. Major brands like AP released mature prints with a sweet hint instead of sugar coated prints. Where Baby was keeping true to their sweet lacy style this year and brought many prints with a very fair pastel color theme which was nice to see besides the plain colored dresses which where great for the old school lovers out there. 

I think 2016 was a calm year in comparison to 2015 where we went crazy over the OTT classic and gothic style, though there was still room for OTT when it came to events this year. People like to go all out on those events and use feathers, birds, crazy thights, lights or funky make up to fit the theme. I'm really looking forward what type of coords everyone will wear in 2017 at the major events like Omnia Vanitas in Barcelona by SFE. Did you see a different trend in 2016 that I didn't cover? Please let me know in the comments below!

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dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

Wonderland // OOTD Lookbook

I guess you already noticed it that I haven't posted a Berlin Travels blog in a while. Don't know how it happend... Maybe posting 3 to 4 posts a week was a bit to much to keep up with my vlogs over on youtube. There is still a live besides the internet although some people think this is real live. 

But enough of the chit-chat let's move on to the topic of today. Last Saturday I went to Germany for a casual shopping day, nothing special to be honest. The city that we visited was Aachen, it is a lovely city but definitely not my cup of tea. I've been there many times before and every time again I get sort of frustrated by the lack of cozyness, pretty buildings and even nature. 

I was planning on filming a lookbook that day in Aachen but it was so crowded that it didn't happen, the nice spots for shooting where full of people. And on top of that health told me that it was time to leave after two hours. Ooh well, we can always film it tomorrow right?

Everything was planned out, I had my coord, the ideas and even some props. My inspiration was a Beauty and the Beast scene where Belle is reading a book in the city.
On the way home I realized that we could go to the forest before the sun would set completely to film the lookbook. And that we did! 

After our trip to Aachen we went to the forest and filmed everything, I really love the result and I'm planning on making more videos like this. It was so much fun to film and edit afterwards. Making youtube videos is something that I really love to do. We even made some photo's as well that I wanted to share so here we go..


Wonderland - Lookbook

vrijdag 30 september 2016

Fall into Autumn - No spend meeting ideas.

With the first of October right around the corner and the leaves turning red, we can officially say autumn is here.
Like every season you can have your typical lolita meetings but this time I wanted to do something different. Since I'm trying to save some money to renovate the house and for a trip to either America or Japan I thought why not share some meeting ideas that doesn't cost money. You heard me right meetings without spending money. Or at least a minimal amount.

Lolita fashion is an expensive hobby we all can agree on that, though non of us have a money tree standing in our garden. But there are some ways to safe some money while enjoying this fashion and meet up with your friends.

For me a meetup doesn't need to be about fancy locations, amazing looking food or special events. The point of a meetup is that you can be together with the people that also love lolita fashion. So you can share your experiences, ideas and discuss the latests trends or your dreams about the day that you are going to visit closet child for the first time and spend all your money in one trip.

I think that a lot of meetings lost their cozy-ness, cause all I see these days are the big events and tea parties or meetings where your need to buy tickets for. But the small intimate ones are forgotten. Though what is holding us back to hang out with our friends in real life? Is it the distance where everyone lives? I know that this is a big problem for me, my best friends are living in a different country so hanging out on a monthly or even bi-monthly base isn't that easy.

But I've some ideas for your local community to bring everyone together without spending a lot of money.

As a huge nature lover myself I love going out into the forest for a walk and maybe have a little picknick if it's not to cold. Though this is not suitable for the days that it rains but on a sunny autumn day the leaves are just gorgeous and a perfect backdrop for your coord pictures.

A potluck was for me pretty unknown but after some research I can see the benefits of it. With a potluck you share your dish with everyone else. Every guest brings a dish to share with the rest so you have lots of different types of foods which is perfect for a tea party. You can make your favorite dessert, bring some of your tea and enjoy an afternoon tea without spending lots of money. Cause most of the ingredients you already have at home unless you want to be really fancy and try out a new recipe. 

Imagine, you are sitting in front of a fire place with your knitting gear, sketchpad, embroidery supplies or just with your cup of tea and chatting the day away with your lolita friends. Doesn't it sounds like the perfect day? To me it does, I love being together with friends and do some crafts. Some of us are into embroidery, knitting, hand lettering, drawing or other amazing things so why not combine them with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate and your lolita friends. Maybe you learn some new techniques as well.

This not for everyone but I really love to play board games, watch movies or anime. So for me this would be a nice way to spend a rainy day inside with my friends. When it comes to movies you have a variety of options, like Marie Antoinette - Harry Potter - Studio Ghibli - Disney - Kamikaze Girls, you name it and it is possible. For games there are some lolita related ones out there. Think of the lolita version of Monopoly and Cards against Humanity though normal board games are nice to play too. You can also make some games of your own maybe a lolita version of pin-the-tail? That can be fun too!

What are your meeting ideas and plans for this fall?
Please let me know in the comments below.

xox - Poppy

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zaterdag 3 september 2016

Desserts a la carte ⎜Berlin Travels

Our last day together with Vanilla Bear was there but what are we going to do? It is Sunday and all shops are closed, yesterday we made some plans for a lunch date but that was it. There where no real plans afterwards. 

We wanted to go to a coffee bar at first but this place was closed as well, luckily I had a very special place on my list of shops that I wanted to visit on my stay in Berlin. It was OhLala, an all vegan dessert shop! Besides the desserts they also had some normal savory dishes on the menu and those where vegan as well. 

This was one of the reasons why I wanted to visit Berlin so badly, there are so many vegan restaurants in this city. It's unbelievable how much there is! We went to OhLala and waited for Vanilla Bear to arrive so we could order our foods. I went for a crepe with homemade nutella and vegan whipped cream, a "Haute Couture" dessert which was heavenly and a soy latte. 

As a vegan you don't get to eat desserts like this very often, it was rich, creamy and airy at the same time. With the right amount of sweetness and sour touch from the glacing. Best dessert I ever had in my life!  It was funny to see that both me and Vanilla Bear where filming our food so we had some footage for our youtube video. I bet that the customers in the store thought we where pretty weird when we are filming hihi. 

After our dessert it was time for some sightseeing, since there wasn't much going on in Berlin on a Sunday we found a hidden gem. It is the flea market at Mauer park, I didn't know where to look first. People where singing or playing the guitar, some where having a bbq or a picknick and this was all before we entered the flea market. The atmosphere felt a bit like a hipster festival with lots of young adults. 

The flea market itself was impressive as well, this was inside a wooden fence for most of the part. We entered the market through the main entrance which was decorated like a summer camp. You know those typical summer camp signs with wooden poles and a banner on top? This market had the same entrance, I found this so cool! Besides lolita fashion I really like hippy/hipster like fashion although I don't wear it I can definitely appreciate it, especially their view on life is quit interesting. It is really laid back and with respect for all living things. But enough of this lets move on with the market itself. 

When you enter the market you get overwhelmed by all the stalls, this is one huge market. Featuring small independent artists and creators as well as some antiques sellers with items going from clothes to diner tables and beds. I found some really awesome accessories but I didn't bought anything since I was doubting if I was able to use it. I did bought some cute socks and almost bought some loli-able collars those that you can wear on top of a t-shirt to have a peter pan collar. But the price was pretty high for the quality, so I passed on those ones. 

Sadly enough I didn't made any photo's at this market which is a shame, since there was so much to see and to eat as well. They even had a whole section for typical german foods and at the other end of the market there where more food trucks, even one with some vegan dishes. We spend most of the afternoon strolling around this markt, looking at all the artists with their awesome clothing, bag and jewelry designs. 

But it was time to grab some dinner and head back to our hotel. We went back to the pizza/pasta place where we went on the first day, though this time I went for a pizza. One without cheese please so it's vegan! I'm a bit bummed that I don't have the name of this restaurant anymore cause I highly recommend it, the price is super cheap and the dishes are amazing! 

After dinner we headed back to the airbnb of Vanilla Bear so she could grab some items that wouldn't fit into her suitcase. She asked me if I wanted to send it to her in America when I was in Belgium since this would be the cheapest option. So all packed with her stuff it was time to say goodbye! 
Our time together was amazing, it was like we where close friends way before we actually met on the first day. It is sad that I wont see her again till I go to America or when she comes to Belgium or closer to Europe. But I do have the memories of the three days with her which is also very special to me. 

Being a part of lolita fashion gives you the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. Though I think for the Europe community it is a lot easier to make friends overseas since it is easier to travel between the countries without any troubles. Do you have any friends overseas? Please let me know I would love to hear your stories as well.
See you next time, 
Love Poppy xx
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